Artist and user accounts are free. We make money through sales of beam points, which are purchased by users in order to shop throughout the Beammob platform. Beammob receives 20% of all beam points purchases and the rest is transferred to the purchaser’s Beammob balance in the form of beam points. There is neither extra monthly fees nor extra fees on any other purchases throughout the site.

Are payments processing fees included in the beam points purchase rates?

No, processing fees are separate and typically range between 4 and 6%. Please see the details here , including tips on what you can do to minimize those fees.

How do I get paid and how often?

Artist and users can cash out their beam points for cash at anytime. Funds will be sent to your PayPal account using the email that you added as your PayPal email address. Funds are sent within 7-10 business days of your cash out requests.